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Every year in September there will be the night for the traditional yearly city rally for the new students of the Department of Education in the University of Oulu. Teams representing different degree programmes compete against each other in a task point route which goes around the city centre, where the department’s student organizations host wacky group tasks and award points to the teams.

Teams are usually composed of 5-20 students and aim to stand out from the other teams and impress the task judges with their team spirit and a costuming theme or unified clothing/accessories of their choice. This can be anything and imagination can be the limit. (It’s also rumored that the judges are very receptive to bribing with snacks or beverage.)


Every team creates a name which reflects the theme of the team.

Participation is free.

Also you can go and like the Motiva ry FB page, where additional information about the rally will later on.

The event is organized by the registered organizations Lastarit, Motiva, Mukava and OLO.


Motiva ry – BoardJoin Motiva! Overalls – Links – City Rally


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