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Motiva ry is a student society, aka guild, for students of educational sciences at the University of Oulu, established in 1971.

The guild’s intent is to promote social and academic interests and rights of the students, and to create and maintain relations beween the students and the staff. Motiva has its representatives in the degree programme’s committees and the faculty board of the Faculty of Education. When needed, the guild officially speaks out regarding matters concerning students.

Within its resources, Motiva aims to organize free-time activities and get-togethers for the students. This activity can concern sports, culture and partying. Motiva also informs the students about free-time possibilities and other events by other student societies and the student union.

On the other hand, the student organization aims to also function as one link between the studies and work life.

Still, one of the main duties of Motiva is to create and sustain cooperation, team spirit and solidarity among the students of educational sciences and help them to network with each other.




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– Motiva ry – BoardJoin Motiva! Overalls – Links – City Rally


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